Acting CBP Commissioner Boasts About The New Border Wall System [New Photos]


The acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner is addressing the new border wall system. In a Wednesday tweet, Mark Morgan revealed a new photo of a portion of the barrier in San Diego, California.

Morgan said the updated wall has been fitted with 18-foot steel bollards, integrated lighting sensor technology, and access roads. He compared the updated portion of the wall to a section of outdated infrastructure, which he said was easy to penetrate. He said the new barrier will not be easy to cut through.

The commissioner said these kinds of amenities could largely benefit CBP agents in preventing illegal immigration and curtailing the flow of drugs into the country.

“It’s a national security crisis, we have bad people and bad things coming into this country,” he said. “Border Patrol apprehended over 1,200 gang members last year from 25 different gangs (and) seized 750,000 pounds of narcotics.”

Morgan went on to say the new system will slow traffic down enough for Border Patrol agents to intervene every time.

The commissioner’s remarks came days after President Trump chose senior White House adviser Jared Kushner to oversee the construction of the wall. Officials said Kushner plans to makeover 800 filings to acquire enough land for another 450 miles of fencing, all before the 2020 elections.

It’s a wonder that Democrats haven’t staked out a negotiating position demanding the ­destruction of already-existing barriers along the US-Mexico border.

Their opposition to President Trump’s border wall — or, more properly, his so-called wall — is now so total as to be nearly indistinguishable from opposition to any serious infrastructure at the border at all. Listening to the 2020 candidates, one would hear that they hate the border itself.

Triggered as always by Trump, and growing more dovish on ­immigration almost by the hour, Democrats are treating the notion of a wall as practically a human-rights abuse.

President Barack Obama routinely droned people without generating as much high dudgeon as Trump does asking for $5 billion to better fortify our southern border.

Sen. Chuck Schumer calls the wall “medieval.” It’s true that the core idea — a physical barrier to impede the movement of people — isn’t a new technology. The basic concept proved out so long ago that there hasn’t been any need to revisit it.

The wall is so “medieval” that the built sections have slowed down illegal border crossings. In fact, one may say “walls DO work!”

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