Actor Randy Quaid EVISCERATES Schiff, Nadler, Schumer and the “Squad” on Latest Impeachment Inquiry

Randy Quaid, Well know for his role in “Independence Day” where he sacrificed his life for the good of the country, took to twitter on Monday and called out Dem Lawmakers baseless Impeachment efforts.

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Dem’s Impeachment efforts now surround  a shady business deal President Trump brought to light during a phone call with the Ukranian Prime Minister.

Lawmakers are attempting to claim President Trump abused his power to investigate his opponent.

With President Trump’s approval rating at 53 % following the Dem Impeachment efforts, many are beginning to see this as a nail in the coffin in regards to their 2020 election efforts.

Quaid’s Tweet also called the baseless attempts a “coup” against the Trump Administration and labeled “Pelosi’s their weak mouthpiece.”

Quaid’s tweet echo’s the sentiment of many on Dem’s latest Impeachment efforts and just 3 days ago the popular actor publicly acknowledged an interest in unseating Rep. Adam Schiff.

Quaid Wrote:

“I’m thinking about running against Schiff for Burbank Rep. That swamp needs cleaning up big time. I should know. I have serious winning experience emptying the shitters for that district.”

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