Alec Baldwin Pleads GUILTY, Ordered to Take Anger Management

Today in NY Actor Alec Baldwin was ordered to take anger management classes after an altercation in a NY parking garage.

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Appearing in a Manhattan courtroom Wednesday morning, actor Alec Baldwin pleaded guilty to second-degree harassment and will take anger management classes stemming from a November parking lot scuffle, according to Breitbart.

Baldwin has denied punching anyone in the clash. The former 30 Rock star’s lawyer previously said he would be vindicated. “Mr. Baldwin did not commit any crime, and we are confident that once this matter is fully investigated, it will be resolved swiftly and appropriately in court,” Abramson previously said. He didn’t show the video and declined to give details about it.

Prosecutors, meanwhile, said in court papers the 60-year-old star told a police officer the other driver “stole my spot,” used a vulgarity to describe him, and acknowledged: “I did push him.”

Baldwin arrested in New York in 2014 as well for allegedly getting belligerent with police who stated they stopped him for bicycling the wrong way on a one-way street.

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“Looks like you have a short fuse,” a Manhattan judge said when he put that case on track to be tossed out, which it ultimately was.

Months before the 2014 arrest, Baldwin authored a New York Magazine cover story decrying tabloid coverage of his comings and goings in the city and suggesting he was giving up on living there.

“I know there’s an impression that I’m someone who seeks to have violent confrontations with people. I don’t,” he said.

Baldwin took to social media on Wednesday and lashed out at the media.

“The vermin at Fox News continues to tell a story about ‘an alleged punch.’ There are three cameras in front of my bldg.,” he said, adding, “It didn’t happen.”

Baldwin has a long history of run ins with the law.

According to People.Com

October 1995

Baldwin infamously tussled with a photographer outside of his Woodland Hills, California, home, when he and then-wife Kim Basinger were bringing home their newborn baby girl Ireland from the hospital.

December 2011

Baldwin was booted off an American Airlines flight for refusing to turn off his cell phone after the plane’s doors were closed for departure.

November 2013

Baldwin found himself in hot water for using a homophobic slur during a confrontation with a photographer caught on video by TMZ. He initially denied it, but later conceded on Twitter that he had used an offensive word: “I apologize and will retire it from my vocabulary,” he wrote.



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