Biden Blasted For Saying That George Floyd’s Death Had Greater Global Impact Than MLK’s Assassination

Former NFL star Herschel Walker blasted Joe Biden for saying that the death of 46-year-old Minneapolis man George Floyd had a greater impact on the world than Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination.

Walker was disappointed and appalled by Biden’s claims, taking to Twitter and expressed his voice. “Someone inform @JoeBiden not to compare the death of Dr. King and George Floyd,” Walker wrote. He also said that although Biden has been in office for a very long time, he hasn’t once tried to change anything for black lives.

Walker’s tweet came in response to Joe Biden’s appearance in a round table in Philadelphia on June 10, where Biden openly claimed that “Even Dr. King’s assassination did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd’s death did.”

Biden talked about how the rise of smartphones and more video surveillance made the reality of police abuse and brutality more apparent. He then compared the emergence of smartphones to the rise of television sets in American homes back in the 1960s.

“What happened to George Floyd—now you got how many people around the country, millions of cell phones,” Biden claimed. “It’s changed the way everybody’s looking at this. Look at the millions of people marching around the world.”

However, Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece disagreed with Joe.

“President Trump says that we all bleed the same. We are one nation under God. Uncle Joe, as they call him—many do—is in his basement missing the mark. And he is out of touch with reality,” King said.

King also said that the protesters and rioters used Floyd’s death to “bring about anarchy,” saying that the proper response should have been love and not violence. “Jesus Christ hung on the cross between two felons, one felon said, ‘Remember me’ and Jesus said to him, ‘You will be with me in paradise today,’” she said. “That’s Jubilee. That’s what Jesus was about. That’s what Martin Luther King Jr was about.”

“I wonder if Uncle Joe, as they call him, understands Jubilee and redemption,” King added.

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