BOOM!! Anti-Trumpers Shout ‘Hitler,’ Start Singing When They Can’t List a Single Way Trump’s Racist

Anti-Trump protesters charged that the president is racist and “Hitler,” but when asked to name one thing he had done that proves their case, they could not.

In a video posted on social media last week, Turning Point USA executive director Charlie Kirk engaged with some protesters, including one holding a sign that read, “Racism Is Not a Virtue.” [RELATED: Bernie Sanders Reveals New Plan To Make $81 Billion in Medical Debt Magically Disappear]

Kirk asked who the message was directed against, and the man holding the sign responded, “Who do you think?” Kirk continued probing, “Would you say Donald Trump is a racist?”

The group gathered responded in the affirmative, with one saying, “Oh absolutely, without a doubt.” Kirk then asked for evidence that what they claimed is true.

“If you don’t know, there’s no point in discussing it,” one answered.

A protester then asked Kirk why he supports Trump, and he began to rattle off a list: “Lowest ever black unemployment rate, largest middle-class tax cut in American history, lowest ever Hispanic unemployment rate, the lowest women unemployment rate in 60 years, the lowest youth unemployment rate in 50 years.” [RELATED: Congress Erupts After Republican Confronts Al Sharpton Over Unhinged Anti-Semitic, Anti-White Rhetoric]

He continued, “Moving the [American embassy in Israel] to Jerusalem. Withdrawing from [the Trans-Pacific Partnership]. The first time that America’s energy independence.”

“Oh, my God, you’re so brainwashed,” a woman called out. “Hitler,” another said. Kirk engaged that protester, wondering if she could name “one racist thing” Trump said. “Yes, plenty, but there’s no point in doing it with you,” she replied.

Rather than interact with Kirk any longer, the protesters began singing the Woody Guthrie classic, “This Land Is Your Land.”

Kirk responded, “Keep singing if Donald Trump’s the greatest president ever.” “Well, we have agreement on that,” he added with a smile into the camera.

Kirk’s group, Turning Point USA, a conservative youth organization, is planning to host a “Black Leadership Summit” early next month in Washington, D.C.

Among the featured speakers are Candace Owens, Larry Elder, Pastor Mark Burns, Deneen Borelli, and Brandon Tatum.

Kirk shared a video of Owens participating in a panel earlier this month at the REVOLT Summit in Atlanta, hosted by Sean “Diddy” Combs, writing, “She is moving the dial, waking up black America.” [RELATED: Report: Trump Pressed Ukraine President To Investigate Biden’s Son]

At the event, Owens argued Democrats have learned all they need to do is allege “racism” against Trump or others, and it elicits a strong emotional response, even if it is not true. [Read More…]

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