BOOM: Customs And Border Protection Announces 70% Drop In Apprehensions Since May of This Year


The White House is praising Customs and Border Protection officers for regaining control of U.S. borders. In a Saturday tweet, acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan highlighted some of the agency’s accomplishments — including a 70 percent drop in apprehensions since May.

He said with President Trump’s aid to border officials, October marked the fifth month in a row agents saw a drop in detainments. May was the peak of the border crisis, which resulted in 140,000 apprehensions.

“We’ve all but ended catch and release,” stated Morgan. “Migrants are no longer allowed to come to the interior of the United States based on fraudulent claims and the cartels are no longer able to profit on the backs of these migrants.”

During a Thursday press conference, the CBP commissioner noted that the Trump administration’s strategies are successfully sending a message to Mexico’s drug cartels and other criminal organizations contributing to the national security crisis at the border. He reported that the U.S. is continuing to see an overall decline in migrant apprehensions and an increase in drug seizures.

Fox 5 in San Diego wrote:

“Officials held a news conference at the San Diego Border Patrol headquarters Thursday morning. Chief Patrol Agent Douglas Harrison discussed border arrest numbers and other updates from the agency.

According to new numbers, local border apprehensions are the highest since 2010. “So far this year, there have been over 55,000 arrests in the San Diego Sector – that’s averaging 162 a day,” said Harrison.

But despite a year-to-year increase, there’s been a major shift in recent months with apprehensions in a steep decline — a 43% drop from May to August. Then dropped an additional 30% from August to today”


“The month of October has continued with that trend, reaching a 14 percent decline compared to September — with just over 42,000 apprehensions,” stated Morgan. “Last month on the southwest border, CBP seized more than 47,000 pounds of drugs — a 50 percent increase from this time last year.”

He added though there is progress, there still needs to be more wall constructed in order to put the cartels permanently out of business. He is urging Congress to pass legislation to assist the ongoing border crisis.

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