BREAKING: Donald Trump Says Gov. Cuomo Caught Hiding Thousands of Government Delivered Ventilators

For the past month, Andrew Cuomo, who is the governor of New York, has been crying for the federal government to deliver much-needed ventilators. However, new revelations are making their way to the surface.

Over the past week, Andrew Cuomo slapped down President Trump for his pushback against the request for thousands of life-saving ventilators for his state – saying he operates on facts, not ‘feeling.’

Cuomo spoke in a televised press briefing Friday, hours after the president dismissed his request for a rapid infusion of the devices into his state as potentially overblown. Cuomo says experts tell him New York will need 40,000 ventilators during the ‘apex’ of the coronavirus pandemic. His state now has about half the nation’s cases.

In a tweet, President Trump revealed that Andrew Cuomo has been hiding thousands of ventilators from his sick citizens. The president also demanded that Cuomo deliver the ventilators immediately.

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