BREAKING: GOP Sen. Graham Introduces Resolution That Will Trigger The Democrats For Sure

The Democrats have attacked the president and made up crimes that were later to be proven false. They have earned their nickname, “smear merchants.” However, Sen. Lindsey Graham has a surprise for them. A new plan moving forward.

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Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham is saying House Democrat’s impeachment inquiry is “at its core un-American”.

He delivered the criticism Thursday while introducing a resolution to condemn the lower chamber, which now has 46 Republican cosponsors.

The resolution calls for open-door impeachment proceedings and aims to provide President Trump with “fundamental constitutional protections.”

The House continues to conduct its inquiry behind closed doors and without authorization, which Graham claimed will increase support for his resolution. He pointed out that the right to “due process” was given to former Presidents Clinton and Nixon, but not to President Trump.

“I would say if we pulled this, you’d be beating us alive,” stated Graham. “If we had Rudy Giuliani’s opening statement and he said ‘I did nothing wrong,’ I doubt if you would accept that.”

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The senator said there’s “a right way and a wrong way” to go about impeachment, but emphasized House Democrats have chosen the “dangerous way to do it.”

Graham clarified on Twitter that his comments weren’t directed at specific individuals, but at the impeachment inquiry as a process.

Graham then tweeted: ‘I did not mean to leave some with the impression the White House needed to hire a new team to handle impeachment.’

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se were in regard to a more coordinated strategy dealing with impeachment,’ he concluded.

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