BREAKING: [Rams-Saints Game] Federal Judge Rules On A ‘DO-OVER’ Of NFC Championship

A Federal judge has just handed Down her ruling on a lawsuit filed by 2 Saints fans pushing for the NFL to Re-Do the NFC Championship game based in one of its own rules.

According to The Associated Press, A federal judge is refusing to order the NFL to implement a rule that could have led to a do-over of the NFC championship game between the New Orleans Saints and the Los Angeles Rams.

U.S. District Judge Susie Morgan on Thursday rejected arguments by two Saints season ticket holders who filed suit against the league and Commissioner Roger Goodell. At issue was game officials’ failure to call interference or roughness penalties against a Rams player at a key point in the final minutes of regulation play.

The controversial call sent fans into a frenzy even prompting one local eye doctor to offer free eye exams to all NFL referees.

According to WFLA, Shortly after the heartbreaking and controversial loss, Louisiana Family Eyecare posted on Facebook that they were willing to provide eye exams to NFL officials for free.

Eye Doctor In Louisiana Offering FREE Exams To NFL Refs After Saints Loss

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Unfortunately for now both players and fans have to think of what could of been as the Rams as Set to Face the New England Patriots this Sunday in the Superbowl.

Saints coach Sean Payton believed the call cost them the game and was seen touting a Roger Goodell is a clown shirt at his season ending press conference yesterday.


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