BREAKING REPORT: Filings Show 80% of Political Payments From Ilhan Omar’s Campaign Were Contributed to HUSBAND’s Consulting Firm


While the media fawns over a new president who has signed double digit executive orders in his first few weeks, stories like this go untouched and un seen to more than half the country.

According to Fox News,Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s 2020 campaign contributed to nearly 80% of the total political payments her husband’s consulting firm received ahead of the November election, according to federal filings.

E Street Group, owned by Omar’s husband Tim Mynett and entrepreneur Will Hailer, received more than $3.7 million in campaign spending over the course of the 2020 election cycle, filings show.

Omar’s campaign contributed more than $2.9 million to that total, The Washington Free Beacon first reported, citing Federal Election Commission filings. The congresswoman’s contributions to her husband’s firm made up just over 78% of E Street Group’s total payments between January 2019 and November 2020.

Let that sink in for just a moment..

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[SUPPORT MIKE AND MY PILLOW] use code THANKS45 for up to 66 % OFF

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