BREAKING REPORT: Manipulated Video used in House Impeachment Looks to Have VIOLATED House Rules

Impeachment Lawyers opened Trump’s second Impeachment Trial with a video that was reportedly manipulated or had been edited in some fashion.  As the day went on many began to note the nature of the video and the subsequent legal challenges it brings to the House Impeachment team.

Former U.S. Representative for Utah’s 3rd congressional district Jason Chaffetz asked the question:  “Did the manipulated video violate the House Rules?”

It was quickly followed by OAN anchor Jack Posobiec simply responding yes.

Here is a link to the entire document, what are your thoughts?

Click to access BILLS-117hresPIH-hres7.pdf

NOW watch the Video..

Donald Trump’s historic second impeachment trial opened in the Senate with graphic video of the deadly January 6 attack on Congress.

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