CDC Suspends the Reporting of Influenza Data During Coronavirus Outbreak


In a surprising move, the CDC has suspended its collection of data for this years flu season, prompting many to wonder, just why they would make such a decision.

St. Petersburg, Florida attorney Rogan O’ Handly noted that, “during the prior 2 flu seasons, it” [the CDC] “collected data from Oct 1, 2017 to May 19, 2018 and Sept 30, 2018 to May 18, 2019, respectively.”

Noting that “For some reason, they stopped collecting data this yr on *April 4, 2020*

The move has prompted may to draw conclusions as to the motives behind the CDC’s decision.  O’ Handly has a theory.

Following up his report he posed this question: “Did this year’s seasonal flu season suddenly end when the COVID lockdowns began? Or are they purposefully stopping the collection of seasonal flu data 1.5 months earlier than normal to help artificially boost the COVID numbers? Are seasonal flu deaths now being counted as COVID?

Closing with: “It’s especially concerning given that in late 2019, Time reported that this flu season was on track to be “especially severe””

A screen shot from the CDC website confirms the report.

AG Barr Orders LEGAL ACTION Against Governors Whose COVID-19 Orders Infringe On Civil Rights

Why do you believe the CDC stopped collecting data on this years numbers?

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