CEO Of Overstock Says Comey Ordered Him To Help Spy On Trump, Clinton

Former disgraced FBI director James Comey has been accused of reaching out to high powered CEO’s in an attempt Spy on Both President Trump and candidate Hillary Clinton.

According to The Federalist Papers, the former CEO of, who resigned his position after admitting to an affair with a Russian spy, is making some major claims.

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“It was the third time in my life I helped the Men In Black,” he said in a statement before two interview he did on Thursday.

Unfortunately, this third time turned out to be less about law enforcement and more about political espionage conducted against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (and to a lesser degree, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz),” he said.

“This is me ejecting, and I have to because I’ve been warned that if I come forward to America, that the apparatus of Washington is going to grind me into a dust.

“That’s going to happen, and I have to get that away from the company; it’s only right,” he said on Fox  Thursday.

He got more specific when he talked to Chris Cuomo.

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“Just to be clear Patrick, so people understand what’s going on here, the FBI wanted to you continue your association to get information,” the host said.“They never told you you needed to have romantic relationship with somebody?”

“Well eventually, yes they did,” Byrne said.

“They told you needed to have romantic relationship with somebody!?” Cuomo asked.

“That’s what I’m getting to,” Byrne said, noting that the people who wanted him to have the relationship were “X, Y, Z.”“You’re giving them anonymity now, but I heard you say on FOX, if you go put a camera in Jim Comey’s face and say the name Patrick Byrne, you’re not going to like the reaction he gets,” Cuomo said.

“The Men in Black,” Byrne identified the FBI as, he said, said “This never happens in the United States. We’re the good guys.

“We don’t work like the bad guys. But we need to ask to you rekindle a romantic relationship with Maria Butina.”

“That’s the Z. That’s Mr. Z,” Byrne said, identifying Comey as one of the people who wanted him to have the relationship with Butina.

“You believe that Jim Comey knew that you were being asked to do these things in the name of the United States government?” Cuomo said.

“Not only knew. I was specifically told, this request is coming from Jim Comey at the request of somebody, who I’m not going to name.

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“Do not assume it is the president. Do not assume it was President Obama. Do not assume that,” Byrne said.

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