Clueless Liberals Thought Impeachment Meant Trump Would Be Gone, Get Rude Awakening

It’s hard to imagine how liberals can keep buying into these conspiracy stories and manipulations of the Democrats, when the facts are so clearly other than what they say, such as on impeachment.

But perhaps it’s not hard when you see how uninformed many are when it comes to even the basic concepts of civics and the impeachment process. When you’re getting all your news from places that are continually pushing the Democratic narrative like CNN and MSNBC, it’s likely that you’re only going to see what they tell you.

It might be difficult to believe after weeks of talk about impeachment that there are people who still don’t understand the process, but on Twitter last night, “#ByeTrump” was trending because many believed that the House vote on impeachment meant that President Donald Trump was now removed.

Some had to be schooled then today when they found out to their surprise that lo and behold, Trump was still president and that no, being impeached is not the same thing as removal.

You realize he’s still president, right? He hasn’t left anything “behind.”

That’s not how any of this works and Democrats are doing a great job helping him get re-elected.

Here’s an alleged “teacher”:

Sadly, these people are incredibly confused. They have no clue how this works. Perhaps someone should tell them. Then again, I want to sit back and watch them scream helplessly at the sky again. Especially when they realize Trump stands a very good chance of winning in 2020.

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