Coin Company That Sent 2000 BRICKS To Nancy Pelosi Is Now Allowing Personalized Messages

The DJT collectors club who recently shipped 2000 foam bricks to Nancy Pelosi has now offered consumers the ability to send a personalized message to the Speaker with each brick sent.

An updated listing now reads, “We’ll do the work of sending a brick to Nancy and you’ll get your very own Build The Wall coin for yourself! You can even add a special message if you’d like or you can remain anonymous!”

In just 9 short days the club has prepared over 2000 bricks to be sent off.  they state their goal is to send 25,000 Bricks to Speaker Pelosi during their first campaign.

“Will you be supporting the goal of sending 25,000 Build The Wall Bricks directly to Nancy Pelosi?” The   message reads.

An additional excerpt from the club states:

Let’s show the OPEN BORDERS obstructionist Democrats WE THE PEOPLE Demand The Wall by FLOODING Nancy Pelosi’s office with BUILD THE WALL Bricks! 

Get your BUILD THE WALL JFK Half Dollar today & we’ll send a foam brick to Nancy!

Nancy Pelosi & the Democrats are holding our government hostage because she doesn’t care about the safety of the American people!!! We’ve had enough of the Democrats prioritizing illegals over Americans!

Imagine Nancy’s disgust when boxes and boxes of Build The Wall Bricks arrive at her office!

According to a source familiar with the collectors club, they are searching for a special guest to deliver the final wave of bricks.

The Club’s full ad can be seen below:
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