Comey BLOCKS Popular Conservative Comedian Tim Young; Young Responds in HILARIOUS Fashion

Disgraced former FBI director James Comey, well known for his firing after botching the Hillary Clinton email investigation has at times been outspoken since his ouster.

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Tim Young, a fast rising political commentator and comedian always took the time to respond to each of Comey’s tweets.

Young, the host of “All Things Considered” has made a name for himself in Political Comedy with a very common sense approach, and is also a contributor at Fox 5 DC.

Young recently began responding to Comey’s tweets, with the phrase “Delete your account.”

Young’s tweets garnered significant attention from twitter and more often than not, would end up being placed right below Comey’s original tweets.

This was until the former FBI Director decided that engagement and conversation was not an option and blocked Young on Twitter.

WATCH Tim’s hilarious montage pointing out exactly what drove Former FBI Director James Comey to block him on twitter.

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