Congressman Matt Gaetz ASSAULTED Following a Florida Town Hall Meeting

Following a town hall meeting in Pensacola, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz was reportedly assaulted late Saturday afternoon.

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According to ABC 3, Police say a drink was thrown at Gaetz’s back as he was leaving the Brew Ha Ha restaurant, where the Won’t Back Down town hall was held.

Amanda Leigh Kondrat’yev, 35, was arrested in connection to the incident. Police believe she threw the drink at Gaetz.

Kondrat’yev has been charged with battery.

Back in 2016, Kondrat’yev ran against Gaetz for the Congressional seat, along with Cris Dosev and Mark Wichern

Similar behavior from those who oppose republican stances have been noted across the country on multiple levels, but not from a former political challenger.

One must wonder if the Judge will make an example of this case in hopes of stopping future incidents.


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