Coronavirus Hospitalizations Lower Than the Media Claims


New data taken from multiple states’ health departments has revealed that actual hospitalizations for the coronavirus are much lower than projected.

While the media claims all hospitals across the nation are packed, citizens are questioning the narrative because their hospitals are virtually empty. They even filmed the empty hospitals.

Reports drew a comparison between the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation numbers and actual real-time data, based on how many hospital beds were expected to be needed and how many are being used. According to the study, only 37 percent of beds are being used to treat patients in New York City.

The trend continues in at least nine other states, including Colorado at 23 percent and Tennessee at only 9 percent.

One Denver resident visited St. Joseph’s Hospital to find it nearly empty.

The resident was so surprised that he filmed the empty hospital and posted it on social media.

This is happening all over the country. Why are all these hospitals empty if the spread of the coronavirus is as bad as the media says?

“I went in several different waiting rooms and there was no more than one person in waiting rooms that I went into,” said Brandon Bowser. “Every nurse I’ve talked to is saying it’s extremely slow and there’s not much going on.”

Many citizens have taken to social media, using the hashtags ‘empty hospitals’ and ‘film your hospital,’ to expose apparent discrepancies involving the mainstream media’s virus coverage and their personal experiences.

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