Dem Predicts Impeachment FAILURE, Says It Makes 2020 Victory ‘Very Difficult’

With the squad stealing most of the news coverage and emerging as the leading voice for the Democrats, news like this sometimes slips past the mainstream.

According to Fox News, Rep. Jeff Van Drew, D-N.J., cautioned against impeachment Saturday, indicating that his colleagues could turn off voters ahead of the 2020 election if they pour resources into a failed attempt to remove President Trump from office.

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“You can’t go into an election and say ‘well, we’ve done a few things.’ And also we’re responsible for and spent a huge amount of time and a huge amount of money on a failed impeachment process,” Van Drew said while appearing on “America’s News HQ.

“Impeachment is one of the most powerful and most important and something that shouldn’t be used in any minor way because in a sense, you’re disenfranchising the voters,” Van Drew said Saturday. “You’re saying this person, we’re actually going to take this person out of office.”

“Politically, that’s not going to happen because whatever happens, it’s gonna be a failed impeachment process,” he added. Pelosi has similarly cautioned that the Senate would reject a bid to remove Trump, which could make it more difficult to prosecute him after he leaves the White House.

Pelosi has received indirect criticism from those in her own party who portray impeachment as a moral responsibility that overrides political considerations.

Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass., told Fox News’ “Cavuto Live” on Saturday that Pelosi was “politically brilliant” but indicated that she was “playing politics with [her] constitutional duty.”

“I didn’t swear an oath to protect and defend the politics of my party,” said Moulton, a 2020 presidential candidate. “I swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

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