Democrat Debate: How Many Times Can The Candidates Say ‘Racism’

The Democratic Party appears to have decided that the surest way to win control of the White House in 2020 is to make racial division the centerpiece of its agenda.  We heard the word “racism” over 100 times throughout Wednesday’s Democratic debates.

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Potential 2020 challengers to Trump are trying to outdo each other on the issue of perceived racial injustice and bigotry.

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As usual, the left-wing media are doing all they can to influence the next election in favor of Democrats – in this case, by ramming down the throats of Americans the notion that the Commander-in-Chief is a white nationalist and, by extension, so are his supporters.

Addressing the Young Leaders Conference in Atlanta on July 17, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) pledged to “go to war against white nationalism and racism in every aspect of our lives.”

The senator cited his personal history, saying that his father’s entire family was wiped out by “Hitler and his white nationalism.” Ironically, just as Hitler scapegoated Jews as being responsible for almost all of Germany’s problems at the time, so the modern American left seeks to hold white people of European descent responsible for all the Western world’s problems today.

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The only problem: most Americans don’t even know a real “white supremacist.” Think about it, how many do you know? Yet, according to the Democrat candidates, it is the single most problem in the U.S. today. Where are all of these so-called “white supremacists?” In the minds of the Democrats.

In truth – while there is no doubt that Hitler was a racist – it is not accurate to describe him as a white nationalist. The Nazis allied themselves with the Japanese and also with Muslim Arabs while waging war on, or occupying, many European majority-white countries: Poland, Czechoslovakia, Britain, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, and Norway. Though European Slavs are white – many with blond hair and blue eyes – Hitler considered them sub-human.

Hitler took the people’s guns, destroyed their books, and dominated the German culture. That doesn’t sound like Trump, that sounds like all of the Democrat candidates policies.

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The major candidate that thrived on racism was Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ). Booker whose campaign has yet to get off the ground, in July told CNN’s Dana Bash that Trump is “worse than a racist.” That is a rather confusing pronouncement, implying that the senator believes racists are not the worst of all people.

Booker tried to explain himself: “[Trump] is actually using racist tropes and racial language for political gains, trying to use this as a weapon to divide our nation against itself.” Once again, a Democrat politician demonstrates his complete ignorance of the concept of irony.

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You can expect more of this as the 2020 elections go on. You can expect to be labeled “racist” if you support President Trump or love your country. They have nothing else to campaign on. They were hoping for a recession to make Trump look bad, However, it would appear that the recession won’t come in time for them to use it to their advantage.

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Addressing the Young Leaders Conference in Atlanta on July 17, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) pledged to “go to war against white nationalism and racism in every aspect of our lives.”

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