Democrats Have Failed In Their ‘Primary Objective’ In Impeachment #74

After three years of more money and more investigators and more bias and more abuse of the American bureaucracy than any American can ever remember, they’ve got nothing, The Democrats’ impeachment effort, which began before Donald Trump was even inaugurated, has officially “backfired. The reason: they’ve failed in their “primary objective.

The objective all along, beginning with Trump-Russia collusion, beginning with all the shenanigans during the campaign, the objective all along — and there are many branches to this primary objective – the primary objective has been to separate Trump voters from Trump. The primary objective has been to convince Trump voters they made a mistake. The primary objective has been to persuade Trump voters that he is a bad guy and is not good for them and not good for the country.

This objective has failed! It has failed royally. Now it is in the backfiring stage.

People are fed up with the same rotgut garbage from the Democrats that have been on display for three straight weeks now. The Democrats’ crucial problem is simple: Trump did not commit a crime. Trump has not engaged in impeachable offenses. They can’t name one. They can’t cite one.

Ask yourselves this: What have the Democrats achieved over this? I’m getting nothing.

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