Dems Caught in Hypocrisy: SO MANY Democrats Compared Clinton Impeachment to LYNCHING As Well!

When the Democrat outrage mob attacked Trump for using the word, “lynching” you would think that this has never been done before. However, The Hypocritical Dems have been doing it for decades.

Everyone from Joe Biden to Jerry Nadler has used “lynching” to describe situations they didn’t like at the time. Yet, they condemned the president for doing the same thing they do. Dems: “do as we say, not as we do.” Rings true a lot lately. [RELATED: Thousands of Self-Proclaimed ‘Witches’ Claim to Cast Massive Spell on Trump and His Supporters]

On Tuesday, President Trump took to Twitter to call out Democrats for their impeachment political witch hunt. He said that the process was “without due process or fairness or any legal rights” and compared it to a “lynching”.


This word triggered so many liberals who spent the day in disbelief that someone could compare something as “trivial” as a Presidential impeachment to lynching, a very loaded term, especially for African Americans.

However, many conservative sleuths ended up finding a treasure trove of cases where Democrats compared Bill Clinton’s impeachment and other Clinton family missteps to the exact same thing. Here is a sampling of the hypocrisy exposed on social media. [RELATED: Brother of Child KILLED at Sandy Hook Massacre says Joe Biden LIED About Meeting With Families]

Joe Biden used it in a CNN interview:

Speaking of CNN, they used it to describe the Benghazi hearings:

An industrious twitter user @alx created a thread where he exposed a huge number of 1990s Democrats who used the exact same wording. The hypocritical lefties include Jim McDermott, John Kerry, Harry Reid, Jerry Nadler, Danny Davis, and Gregory Meeks. He even has a second clip of Biden saying, “We do everything but hang people for jaywalking,” when talking about a death penalty bill. Here is the thread: [RELATED: Graham Slams Democrats: Impeachment Inquiry a ‘Sham,’ Trump’s Right, This Is a ‘Lynching’]

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