Devin Nunes Reveals That The Deep State ‘Knowingly Changed’ Whistleblower Protocol

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) confirmed during an appearance on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Sunday that the intelligence community inspector general (ICIG) changed whistleblower protocol, which resulted in the current Ukraine scandal and subsequent impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

“[The ICIG is] either totally incompetent or part of the deep state, and he’s got a lot of questions he needs to answer because he knowingly changed the form and the requirements in order to make sure that this whistleblower complaint got out publicly,” Nunes said to Matt Boyle on the radio program. [RELATED: Records Contradict Elizabeth Warren’s Claim That She Was Fired Because She was Pregnant]

“So he’s either incompetent or in on it, and he’s going to have more to answer for, I can promise you because we are not going to let him go; he is going, to tell the truth about what happened,” Nunes added.

Nunes claimed that the whistleblower filled out the old form that required first-hand knowledge when they initially submitted their complaint, but the rules were changed after it was filed in order to validate and publicize the complaint. It is hard to believe that all of this occurred by happenstance. [RELATED: U.S. Adds 136K Jobs in September; Unemployment Drops to a 50-Year Low]

“First of all, you have the change of the forms. … You no longer had to have firsthand information; you had to have secondhand information.

Clearly they backdated it to August. The evidence is clear that it didn’t change on the website until the 25th of September,” Nunes said.

“So the form that the whistleblower filled out — he actually filled out the old form that said you had to have firsthand knowledge. The whistleblower readily admits he doesn’t have firsthand knowledge.

So conveniently the IG did this, claims that were always the case, claims it wasn’t the law; I already told you, he’s going to have more questions to answer,” he added. [RELATED: Michelle Malkin: ADL, Antifa, and Koch: Toxic Anti-Trump League]

Michael Atkinson, who is the current ICIG, testified to Congressional lawmakers on Friday and addressed questions and comments about the whistleblower. Atkinson’s testimony was not made public, but Democrats were apparently very happy with his performance.

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