The United States is ending foreign aid to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala effective immediately through an executive order signed by President Donald Trump.

A U.S. House Appropriations Committee aide estimated that around $700 million of aid was affected. “While the United States has provided the three governments billions of dollars in aid over the past decade, some analysts believe U.S. immigration policies have exacerbated threats to regional security.” 

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Unfortunately, the region remains plagued by corruption, drug trafficking, human trafficking and gang violence as thousands of migrants from the region seek asylum worldwide, many of them trying to settle in the U.S. Analysts believe that U.S aid has only made the problem in this region worse. While looking into who is actually getting this aid money, there is no evidence that it is helping get rid of a problem but that it’s actually having the opposite effect.

We should not be surprised that good intentions can have an opposite effect to what it was originally meant to be, as corrupt and criminal governments end up using our taxpayers’ money to aid their malevolent agendas. Furthermore, these countries have promised to stop the flow of illegals coming into the United States. If their government can’t even solve their own problems and are in fact part of the problem, then why should they continue getting our taxpayers’ money?

A 2015 investigation by Honduran newspaper La Prensa found that Salvadorans and Hondurans pay an estimated $390 million, $200 million, and $61 million, respectively, in annual extortion fees to organized crime groups.  Our taxpayer dollars were being used to aid criminal activity by corrupt criminal governments and their gangs!

I believe President Trump did the right thing in cutting aid to these Banana Republics. We can now use these massive amounts of money to cut down our own debt and help solve our own problems here at home first. Instead of contributing to increase criminal activity in other countries, which in turn becomes our problem.

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