Donald Trump’s Legal Team To Take N.Y. Tax Returns Case To the Supreme Court

New York prosecutors have continued to push President Trump to turn over his tax returns. However, the president and his lawyers have fought back.

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They say there is no requirement for him to release his financial records. The president’s legal team is now taking the battle to the Supreme Court after a federal court in New York rejected their appeal to keep his tax returns private.

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According to The Blaze, A federal appeals court ruled Monday that President Donald Trump must turn over eight years of personal and corporate tax returns to Manhattan prosecutors.

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Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance had formerly subpoenaed the tax documents from Trump’s accounting firm as part of an investigation into payments made pre-election to porn star Stormy Daniels and ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal, two women who alleged having affairs with Trump, and reimbursements made to Michael Cohen, Trump’s ex-attorney who is now serving a three-year federal prison sentence for campaign finance violations, among other crimes.

The Blaze wrote:

“The decision of the Second Circuit will be taken to the Supreme Court,” Sekulow said. “The issue raised in this case goes to the heart of our Republic. The constitutional issues are significant.”

The Trump legal team’s major argument is that Trump should be granted presidential immunity, previously writing in an attempt to block the subpoena that a sitting president can not be criminally investigated.

The three-judge panel that made its ruling Monday did not take an explicit opinion on the Trump team’s argument of presidential immunity. Instead, they claimed that since the subpoena was directed at the president’s accounting firm, and not the president himself, that presidential immunity does not apply…”

Trump lost the initial case before a federal district court on Oct. 7 before making his appeal to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

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According to NBC News, Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow said he would appeal the case to the Supreme Court.


Democrat Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. is requesting the president turn over eight years worth of his corporate and personal tax returns. The request is part of a criminal investigation into alleged hush-money payments made to two women, who claim they had an affair with the president before he was elected.

The president fired back with a lawsuit to block the subpoena the district attorney sent to his accounting firm. The president’s legal team has argued he has absolute immunity from prosecution while in office and even from his conduct before he was elected.

On Monday, however, the judges on the U.S. Second Circuit of Appeals ruled the president is not immune from criminal investigations while in office. The ruling requires the president’s accounting firm to hand over the documents requested by the district attorney’s office. [RELATED: President Trump Addresses ‘Mixed Reactions’ At UFC Event in Epic Tweet]

The president’s lawyer Jay Sekulow issued a statement, saying: “the decision of the Second Circuit will be taken to the Supreme Court… the issue raised in this case goes to the heart of our republic…. the constitutional issues are significant.”

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