Drug and Rat Infested San Francisco Blacklists States With Pro-Life Laws

San Francisco is bringing its pro-choice agenda to the national level. The city’s mayor announced a measure last week, which will blacklist 22 states that are considered to have restrictive abortion laws.

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All those listed have similar time restraints for terminating a pregnancy, ranging from a 13 week to a 24 week cut off.

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Mayor London Breed defended the measure by saying, “every day in this country women’s reproductive rights are threatened and we have to fight back.”

Under the law, all San Francisco city workers will be prohibited from taking work-related trips or doing business with companies in those states. However, critics argue the city does not provide those states with enough tax revenue to encourage any real policy changes.

The Democrats have the audacity to dictate to us what “moral” is. The Democratic Party is literally a death cult. They Brag about death and parade death through their streets. Listen:

Georgia, Kentucky, and Alabama are among some of the affected states. These states recently made headlines for passing restrictive abortion measures, including the popular ‘fetal heartbeat bill’ which makes it illegal to abort a fetus once a heartbeat is detected.

Meanwhile, nine of those states were already blacklisted by the city due to their laws and policies regarding the LGBTQ community. The measure is scheduled to take effect starting in January of 2020.

It is interesting to highlight that San Francisco may be America’s most expensive city to live in, but it’s also quickly becoming one of the dirtiest in the world as well.

NBC Bay Area journalists recently conducted a survey of 153 blocks of downtown San Francisco and found trash on every street.

Trash bags and litter are one problem, but the report found that used needles and human feces are also common sights downtown – even near upscale hotels, government buildings and in playgrounds.

In total, the journalists found 100 drug needles and more than 300 piles of feces during their investigation.

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If stuck by a used needle, one can be infected with diseases like HIV or Hepatitis. Fecal matter is also not just a smelly nuisance. As it dries, the germs become airborne and if inhaled, can prove deadly – especially for children.

Confronted with the findings of the report, infectious disease expert Dr. Lee Riley told the station that the streets of San Francisco are getting worse even than the slums of developing countries.

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I don’t know about you, but I am tired of these broken-down cities telling me how I should live and what I should believe.

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