Example of Why We Need Guns: West Freeway Church Was Prepared To Repel Mass Shooting


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton recently praised the “good guys with guns” that stopped the armed assailant at the West Freeway Church of Christ on Sunday. In a statement Monday, he said the church was fully prepared for a possible shooting and the congregation was able to defend itself as well as prevent further loss of life.

Two people were killed, including the attacker, after shots interrupted a weekend church service.

Paxton went on to highlight the importance of Second Amendment rights and prevention training in stopping mass shootings.

“My goal is really to solve the problem, so when you see an example of something that worked really well to prevent the loss of life…I’m not going to apologize for talking about it and hopefully encouraging other people to follow a model,” he stated. “Because if that means we save one life then they call that being political then I guess that’s political, but we end up saving a life, it’s darn worth it to me.”

Paxton said the FBI and state police are investigating the shooter’s possible connections and motivations to prevent similar incidents going forward.

This comes as an eyewitness to the tragic shooting and family member to the victim identified 64-year-old Anton Wallace as one of those killed in Sunday’s gunfire. Wallace was a deacon at the church and had allegedly just handed out communion when the gunfire erupted. Police have still yet to confirm the report. However, Wallace’s daughter Tiffany said she was there when her father was shot and ran to his side after he was struck.

“About to pray and all of a sudden the guy just stood up from the pew and turned towards my dad and I guess he shot at the security guard,” she recounted. “It’s our dad and that’s what hurts the most.”

The identity of the church security guard who took down the shooter has also been released as Jack Wilson. Police have applauded Wilson as a hero for reportedly drawing his weapon and fatally shooting the alleged gunman. They say this saved an “untold number of lives” and stopped the attack within six seconds.

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