Experts Confirm Elizabeth Warren’s Record ‘Does Not Match Her Rhetoric’

Elizabeth fibs about many things these days. However, Lobbyists now confirm that her record doesn’t match her epic claims. They say Warren’s Record Does Not Match Her Rhetoric!

As presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren continues to criticize lobbyists, Democrat lobbyists themselves say Warren’s actions are proving otherwise. [RELATED: Rep. McCarthy Roasts Pelosi For Leaving White House Meeting in Epic Interview [VIDEO]

According to several lobbyists who have worked with the senator’s office, there has never been an issue meeting with Warren.

During last week’s Democratic debate, the other 2020 candidates exposed her rhetoric for the scams she is trying to push. [RELATED: Risking Potential Logan Act Violations, Pelosi and Schiff Discuss Syria in Jordan]


That said, Camden Fine, the former head of the Independent Community Bankers of America and close colleague to Warren, said he doesn’t think she has anything against lobbyists, but “that’s just not how she operates.”

Meanwhile, lobbyists have reportedly expressed reservations about meeting with her opponent Bernie Sanders, but are not hesitant to meet with Warren. Sanders is proposing curbing corporate lobbying, which has attracted a wave of criticism from corporate lobbyists.

Warren is pledging to implement an “excessive lobbying” tax, which would impact companies that spend more than $500,000 a year on lobbying.

“No high-ranking public official should be thinking about their next job while they’re collecting a paycheck to represent the American people, so I have a lifetime ban on senators congressmen and cabinet secretaries from ever being lobbyist,” she stated. [RELATED: BOOM! Report Claims Hunter Biden, Business Partner Profited Off His Position At Oil Company]

Nearly 50-percent of voters are in support of Warren’s tax, while just 23-percent are opposed. Warren said she plans on implementing this if elected in 2020, but it’s unknown if the Supreme Court would allow it to take effect if it were passed into law.

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