Facebook Now REMOVING Anti-Quarantine Protest Groups; Says They Violate State Orders

A stunning new report has identified that Facebook is currently removing Anti-Quarantine groups from its platform.

According to facebook spokesman Andy Stone, Anti-quarantine protests being organized through Facebook in California, New Jersey, and Nebraska, are being removed from the platform on the instruction of governments in those three states because it violates stay-at-home orders.

This move has received significant backlash and is garnering national attention.  Political Pundit Candice Owens posed a serious question to the social media giant. “Does @Facebook realize that disallowing citizens the right to peaceful assembly is in violation of the First Amendment of our Constitution?

Kash Jackson wrote: it “Reminds me of things we’d see in third world dictatorships. Maybe the internet will go down soon too.”

Many have taken to twitter to voice their opinion and demand answers. Peter Hasson wrote, “We really want to set the precedent that tech platforms will remove protest events if government tells them to? No way that could go wrong.”

Evie Fordham made the point that “State governments definitely don’t want to be associated with FB taking down residents’ posts.”

Posing a serious question, who is to blame?

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