Fifth Grader Wins School Science Fair By Proving Tom Brady’s INNOCENT in Deflategate [Pics]

Last week a 10 year old’s science project proving Tom Brady was a cheater went viral after winning his schools science fair.

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One young fan seemed to have taken some offense to that conclusion and put together his own Hypothesis.

According to 12 Up, fifth grade Tennessean and Pats super fan Jayveion Morgan proved that the balls deflating was simply due to the rapid change in temperature on that AFC Championship day in 2015. ​​

Morgan won his science fair with his conclusion, possibly setting the stage for a good fun debate between the young football fan’s and award winners.

The post shown below from a fan account of the New England Patriots indicated that Morgan took first place for “scientifically proving” Tom Brady’s innocence in deflategate.

Speaking of a fun Debate, 12 Up also put out some feelers on the idea suggesting the following:

The only way to truly decide the controversy of Deflategate is to have these two kids go head-to-head in a debate match regarding Tom Brady’s innocence. One match, two kids, everything at stake. Clearly, these two mini geniuses know more than the NFL investigators.


Weather your a Patriots Fan, football fan, Brady fan or hater of all 3, these kids put their money where there mouth was and apparently according to their respective schools, BOTH were correct.

Time will tell if the two boys will settle this once and for all with a fun and friendly football debate.

10-Year-Old Wins Science Fair With Project EXPOSING Tom Brady As a CHEATER (Pics)

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