FlashBack: Remember when President Bill Clinton Asked PM Tony Blair For a Political Favor Back in 2000

Fox’s Tucker Carlson searched through former President Bill Clinton’s transcripts and found that back in 2000 Clinton asked Prime Minister Tony Blair directly “to take a look at it.” Clinton was referring to a problem in the election season.

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Carlson told viewers on Monday night, “You’ve heard endlessly on cable news that it is unprecedented the president would seek political gain from a conversation with a foreign leader. Well, turns out, it has happened before.”

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Carlson read the official transcript: “In a political season, it would be big over here to get this open sore resolved. If you could have somebody take a look at it.”

However, this is the kind of stuff that the Democrats want us to forget, right?

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If you’d like to review this transcript, visit the collection of declassified documents here: https://clinton.presidentiallibraries.us/items/show/48779

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