Former AG Jeff Sessions Announces Bid For Alabama’s Senate Seat In 2020

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced his intent to run for Alabama’s Senate seat ahead of a Friday deadline to register for the race. He made the announcement in a video posted to Twitter on Thursday night.

This followed months of speculation that Sessions could run for his old seat in 2020. He stepped down from the Senate in 2017 to serve as attorney general under President Trump.

Despite the falling out during his time at the White House, he has praised the president for doing great things for America. Sessions also said he was one of the first senators to endorse his bid for president in the 2016 elections.

This announcement has triggered reactions from both Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill.

Fellow Alabama Republican Senator Richard Shelby already said he would endorse Sessions and give him full support.

“Jeff Sessions is a friend — I worked with him every day up here for 20 years,” stated Shelby. “He’s a man of integrity and…I believe he’ll be a formidable candidate.”

South Carolina GOP Senator Lindsey Graham said Sessions was a “great senator” but was not getting into Alabama politics.

“Jeff knows what he’s getting into,” stated Graham. “The campaign’s going to be a lot about what President Trump said about Jeff Sessions.”

Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy stood up for Sessions but said he wasn’t familiar with his potential opponents.


“I like it very much…but I don’t know who else is in the race, to be honest with you,” stated Kennedy. “I know there are some other Republican candidates — Doug will be the Democrat nominee.”

During a Thursday interview, sitting Alabama Democrat Senator Doug Jones said he’s not making much of Sessions’ intent to run for his seat yet. He noted there are about six Republicans stating their intent to run for the position.

Jones said he was going to be watching the primary and called it a “divisive” race.

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