Former National Security Adviser Refuses to Testify Before Congress In Impeachment Farce

A former White House staffer is refusing to testify in the ongoing Democrat impeachment probe. Charles Kupperman, the deputy to former National Security Advisor John Bolton, will not provide testimony to the House Intelligence Committee.

A letter from Kupperman’s attorney said his client isn’t contesting a constitutional right to testify, but rather it’s President Trump who’s asserting testimonial immunity to confidential advisors. [RELATED: James Comey Says He’ll Move to New Zealand if Trump is Reelected]

The letter says if the committee’s position prevails in court then Kupperman will comply. He filed a lawsuit on Friday asking the courts how much he can cooperate after the White House invoked constitutional immunity.

Meanwhile, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is claiming the former national security deputy’s refusal to testify has “no basis in law.”

While speaking to reporters, Schiff said it was “deeply regrettable” Kupperman didn’t appear Monday. The chairman went on to say the Intelligence Committee believes his testimony will corroborate allegations of misconduct other witnesses have already made. [RELATED: WATCH: ‘The View’ Went Hysterical When Newt Showed Evidence Hillary Abused Power, Not Trump]

“I think we can infer from the White House on position to Dr. Kupperman’s testimony that they believe that his testimony would be incriminating of the president,” he stated.

Schiff added the committee may inform Kupperman’s attorney his failure to appear may warrant a contempt proceeding against him. [RELATED: BRING IT! Former Clinton Adviser Says Hillary Clinton “MAY” Enter 2020 Race]

He called the refusal more evidence of the White House’s obstruction after a district court affirmed Congress can proceed with the inquiry.

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