Former (R) Senator Jeff Flake Announces His 2020 Election Plans

Jeff Flake, former Arizona Senator and very vocal critic of President Trump has made his 2020 intentions clear.

Flake has been mulling a GOP challenge to President Trump for many months and has finally made a decision.

“I have always said that I do hope that there is a Republican who challenges the president in the primary,” Flake said in an interview on “CBS This Morning” on Tuesday. “I still hope that somebody does, but that somebody won’t be me. I will not be a candidate.”

According to Bloomberg, Flake who declined to seek re-election to the Senate last year and has now joined CBS News as a contributor, said any such primary effort would be “difficult,” noting that the Republican National Committee is working with the Trump campaign closely already to squelch potential opponents. However, he says without naming names, some Republicans are still discussing it.

Donald Trump Jr. weighed in on the recent news mocking Flakes decision, suggesting he attempt to run for dog catcher while noting Flakes previous statements of being a “Real Contender.”

Other’s voiced their opinion as well. Former Harvard Law Professor Daniel Baranowski tweeted, “Flake is where he belongs, With the Left!”

One thing is for certain. If anyone is going to Primary President Trump, it won’t be someone as weak as Jeff Flake.

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