GoFundMe Blocks Candace Owens From Fundraising for Conservative Business that was Destroyed During the Riots

During the riots in Alabama, a conservative business was looted and destroyed by rioters. Candace Owens made the decision to start a campaign on GoFundMe. However, the alt-left bias of the platform reared its ugly head.

Candace Owens, a conservative, and political commentator launched a GoFundMe campaign in support of Michael Dykes, a Birmingham bar owner. Protesters decimated the bar. In less than four hours on Saturday, the campaign raised over $205,000. However, the platform decided that conservatives don’t deserve any financial assistance if radical left-wing thugs destroy their business.

Star Political sent the fundraising platform a press inquiry asking why it chose to block Owens from raising money for a looted business but will allow alt-left communists to collect funds to commit acts of terrorism.

The Go Fund Me platform has refused to respond to the inquiry.

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