GOP House Leader Reveals Plan to Take Speaker’s Gavel from Pelosi in 2020

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy likes the GOP’s chances of taking back the gavel from Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2020, based on the districts in play.

The California congressman told Fox News on Monday the Republicans’ path to the majority in the House is easier than the Democrats’ was in 2018. [RELATED: BOOM: Jim Jordan Calls Out Democrats over Unexplained Trips to Mexico]

“Thirty-one Democrats sit in seats that President [Donald] Trump carried [in 2016],” he said on “America’s Newsroom.” “We only have to win 19. Democrats had to win 23 in the last cycle.

“We have fewer seats to gain a bigger playing field to go.”

Pelosi enjoys a 235-197 lead in the House, with a majority of 218 Democrats needed to retain control. Watch McCarthy’s comments on the 2020 election below.

One of the races the minority leader highlighted as a possible GOP pickup is Texas’ 7th Congressional District in the Houston metropolitan area.

Republicans held the seat for decades prior to it flipping to Democratic Rep. Lizzie Fletcher in 2018. [RELATED: UNHINGED: Dem Rep. Clyburn: ‘The Bill of Rights Wouldn’t Pass by Today’s Standards’]

“Look at Wesley Hunt down in Houston, running for Congress,” McCarthy said. “A West Point graduate flew Apaches. They just did a recent poll. He’s ahead in the poll running against the incumbent.”

The poll, which was paid for by the GOP Congressional Leadership Fund PAC, showed Hunt leading Fletcher 45 to 43 percent.

The Republicans also are hoping to take back Illinois’ 14th Congressional District, bordering Chicago.

The seat had been in GOP hands for several terms and went for Trump in 2016 before flipping to Democratic Rep. Lauren Underwood in 2018. [RELATED: REPORT: 6 MS-13 gang members, illegal immigrants involved in deadly Maryland stabbing]

Last month, Catalina Lauf, a 26-year-old former Trump administration official, announced her candidacy.

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