Great White Sharks CLUSTERING Off Georgia, Carolina Coasts; One Is a MASSIVE 2,137 Pounds

Four great whites that are being tracked by the nonprofit research group OCEARCH were lingering off the coast of the Carolinas this week.

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The tags on two of the biggest sharks pinged Monday off the South Carolina coast. A 12-foot, 9-inch great white named Caroline was close to shore off Edisto Beach.

The larger of the two, Luna, was out over the Charleston Bump, 80 to 200 miles southeast of Charleston.

According to Fox Carolina, the Charleston Bump is a deep-water bank similar to the Bahamas banks but does not reach the sea surface, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. From depths of more than 2,300 feet, the bottom ramps up to about 1,230 feet. Huge fish, some exceeding 100 pounds, are found in the caves and overhangs of the Bump.

Luna is a 15 feet long and weighs in at 2,137 pounds. For perspective, that’s about the length of a Ford Mustang and about twice the weight of a grand piano.

Luna is the second largest shark caught and tagged by OCEARCH. She was caught in October 2018 near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, and was named in the city’s honor. [Read More]

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