WATCH: Greg Gutfeld Weighs In On The MAGA Teen Video

Social media makes it easier for the press to manipulate us. So it’s up to us not to take the bait. Hear Greg Gutfeld sound off on the controversy surrounding the now-infamous video of a confrontation between Native American Vietnam vet Nathan Phillips and a group of teens in MAGA hats. #TheFive #FoxNews

Some Comments on the Video Include:

“The Catholic school students should sue CNN for slander, defamation and inciting violence. CNN is fake news and they have hateful, antichrist, nefarious journalists,” according to Pamela B.

Another user wrote, “These boys did nothing wrong, they where just standing there when the guy came to them.”

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Craig Littlefield wrote, “Native Indian was saying racist slurs the boy just stood there said nothing stood his ground the Indian was wrong along with the fake news.”

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