Here’s Why ‘Delete Facebook’ is Trending Everywhere

Surprisingly, #DeleteFacebook is trending on multiple social media platforms. Now, many people are leaving in droves. But why are they waking up to the corruption of Mark Zuckerberg?

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Besides the obvious reason that they censor conservative voices, there are privacy issues as well. Facebook limits Republican ads and posts from reaching their billions of daily users.


Some would even call that “election meddling.” Over the last few years, Facebook has claimed that they are cracking down on U.S. election meddling. Yet, they are doing it themselves.

Lefties claim they want to delete their Facebook accounts because Zuckerberg literally SPOKE with conservatives? Behold, the tolerant left…

That said, Mark Zuckerberg went before the U.S. Congress last year and lied about Facebook’s blatant bias against conservatives. However, he was never charged with lying to Congress. What can you expect from Democrats who protect Democrats?

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Keep in mind that this is not the exhortation of an internet troll, but rather the earnest advice of someone who has peered deep into the blue and white abyss and found only varying degrees of despair.

Let’s dive into all the reasons that Facebook should be relegated to the trash bin of your social media life. The most recent headline-grabbing stumble by Facebook comes down to the infamous filter bubble.

The idea that Facebook silos off conversations between like-minded individuals, creating a harmful feedback loop of self-reinforcing nonsense, isn’t new, but it came to particular prominence following the 2016 presidential election.

Despite the highfalutin talk of its founder and CEO, “making the world more open and connected” is only the company’s mission as long as it serves the higher purpose of profit. When it benefits Facebook to do the opposite, by, say, feeding users exactly the truth-free garbage they want in order to drive engagement, Facebook seems plenty of content to do just that.

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In the case of the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, what many users wanted just so happened to be false stories about the Pope endorsing Trump or Clinton selling weapons to ISIS. And Facebook notoriously obliged, permitting the widespread sharing of disinformation.

Facebook clearly did the tens of millions of people that saw these and other equally bogus stories a huge disservice, and arguably the country suffered as a result. Zuckerberg belatedly admitted the problem, but his promised solutions to so-called “fake news” fall short.

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And yet the easiest way to be rid of Facebook’s filter bubble is actually quite simple, though you’ll never hear the Zuck proffer it: Delete your account.

Zuckerberg’s questionable quest to chat it up with regular folks in all 50 states notwithstanding, the company is shockingly out of touch with what it means to be human. And no, we’re not talking about the company’s push to move everyday interactions to the virtual world. Instead, a repeated failure to grasp basic human decency comes to mind.

Facebook’s employees have demonstrated over and over a willingness to exploit their users in ways that demand to remember. In one such case, the company was called out in 2014 for running a study that manipulated unknowing participants’ newsfeeds by showing either a disproportionate number of uplifting or depressing posts. The idea was to see if the content of the newsfeed could alter the moods of users.

Essentially, Facebook was curious if it could make its users sad. So they did. That’s some seriously shady stuff.

But that’s not all. The company was forced to apologize in April of 2017 for allegedly allowing advertisers to target the emotional states of children as young as 14. Facebook reportedly claimed it could identify when teenagers “need a confidence boost,” thus suggesting they were primed for advertisers.

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If this sounds awful to you, that’s because it is. Facebook got caught intentionally manipulating users’ emotions, and then later allegedly developed ways to target ads to users feeling down in the dumps. Do yourself a favor and end the misery while you still can.

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