House Judiciary Republicans Slam Democrats Over ‘Unfair Treatment’

GOP Congress members slammed their Democrat counterparts for unfair treatment during the impeachment process. During Thursday’s Judiciary Committee hearing, a debate erupted after ranking Republican Doug Collins tried to schedule a “minority day of hearings.”

This hearing would allow Republicans to question witnesses, who they felt had an impact on the process.

Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler ruled against the hearing, prompting Collins to condemn the Democrats’ attempt to silence the committee’s minority.

“As we go forward, we’ll have plenty of time to show the complete farce of substance,” stated Rep. Collins. “But Mr. Chairman, what will live from this day is your ruling, and the majority’s ruling, of minority rights are dead in this Congress.”

On Twitter, the congressman added that the Judiciary Committee has been “reduced to a rubber stamp for Speaker Pelosi and Adam Schiff’s rigged impeachment.”

Arizona Republican Debbie Lesko also weighed in on the issue. She said she was “disturbed” by the ruling and pointed out the House rules require the Democrats to schedule a minority hearing.

“The rules have been thrown out the window here on this process, I just can’t believe it,” said Rep. Lesko. “It just continues to amaze me how corrupt, how unfair, this process has been from the start.”

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