House Republicans Slam Democrat’s Baseless Impeachment Push

House Republicans are speaking out against the Democrat impeachment push amid a looming vote on articles of impeachment. While speaking on the floor of the lower chamber, GOP Rep. Tom Cole said it is a “very sad day for the entire House of Representatives and, most importantly, for the American people.”

He also said Democrats have not proved their case and have alleged a quid pro quo without any factual evidence to back it up.

Congresswoman Debbie Lesko echoed his sentiments and accused Democrats of tearing the country apart.

“This is the most partisan impeachment in the history of the United States. Not one Republican voted for it in the Judiciary Committee…and not one Republican, I don’t think, is going to vote for it here today. Madam Speaker, this is this is a sad day. I believe the Democrats are tearing this country apart. They’re tearing families apart.“

– Debbie Lesko, U.S. Representative (R-AZ 8th District)

All House Republicans are expected to vote against impeaching the president.

Meanwhile, a few of the president’s top supporters in the House visited the White House ahead of the impeachment vote. Reports said Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep. Mike Johnson and Rep. John Ratcliffe were all present at a meeting at the White House on Tuesday.

President Trump is reportedly considering including Jordan and Ratcliffe for his defense team in the potential Senate impeachment trial. The president was said to be considering a mix of lawmakers and attorneys to defend him.

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