OpEd: Illegal Aliens Are Taking Over Texas!!!


There has been a massive surge of people crossing the border and coming in illegally. So many in fact that our federal holding facilities cannot hold them all!

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In McAllen, Texas alone there is 800 illegal aliens coming in every day. This is straining the city’s resources and local officials are scrambling to fix the problem. “It’s staggering,” McAllen City Manager, Roy Rodriguez said; “Really, we’ve never seen anything like this before.” They are coming in record numbers.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner said that the border has hit a breaking point.

In March alone over 100,000 apprehensions of illegal aliens has happened. This is the highest monthly tally in 10 years. With 90,000 of them coming through the legal ports of entry.

So it appears we now have a crisis on our hands. President Donald Trump has said that he wishes to close the ports of entry.

I believe the president should do this as soon as possible. The reason being is that we cannot continue to feed this many people and house them at the expense of our citizens and we need to protect the American people!

These illegals are breaking the laws of the land by coming here the way they do. The first thing they do is break the law. And if we really want to stop this, a good first step would be closing the ports of entry.

This massive surge of people crossing the border has created a humanitarian crisis that is simply no acceptable. Child trafficking is taking place in record numbers, the amount of drugs coming in is not just harming our people but fueling criminal activity in our country by MS13 and other highly dangerous gangs.

Places like McAllen cannot stand much more of this! McAllen, Texas only has a population of 142,696 people. Citizens have no choice but to retreat from the borders as gang members gain more territory.

We can see what is happening in Europe due to open borders! It is on fire. There is a terrorist attack happening there every day. Grooming gangs raped over 700 girls in just one town, New Castle England. The members of the gang were illegal aliens.

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We need to restore the rule of law! We are completely unable to vet these people. It would be very easy for a terrorist to cross the border illegally undetected.

So Trump close the ports of entry now to save border states like Texas!

Please also call the White House and comment on this. White House Comment Line 202-456-1111

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