IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY: ‘I Have Clients Who are Stuck in Afghanistan’ — ‘Biden Just Sealed Their DEATH Warrant’


While the world watches one of the most horrific blunders of a United States Presidential Administration, many stories are emerging of what is really like on the ground in Afghanistan.

New York Immigration lawyer Matthew Kolken who represents multiple clients in Afghanistan has a few updates as the scene worsens to almost certain death..

Here is some background on Kolken’s firm. Kolken & Kolken offers a full range of immigration legal services.

  • Serve your business-related US immigration needs.

  • Reunite your family by getting your relative a Green Card if eligible.

  • Help you obtain protection in the United States via asylum.

  • Litigate matters in Immigration Court to assist you in defense of deportation.

  • Appeal your case to the Board of Immigration Appeals and beyond in the Federal court system.

  • Overcome refusals of admission by Immigration officials and help you obtain a waiver of inadmissibility.

  • Enable you to realize your dream of becoming a United States citizen.

Kolken & Kolken is located in Buffalo on the Canadian border is in close proximity to the Immigration Court in Buffalo, the Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) District Office in Buffalo, four ports of entry in the Buffalo-Niagara Falls area, the CIS office at the Toronto airport, the Federal Detention Center in Batavia, the Canadian Consulate in Buffalo, and the U.S. Consulate in Toronto.

Kolken & Kolken represents clients from all over the world and travel to Immigration Courts throughout the United States.

Practice limited to United States Immigration and Nationality law: Representing people in all 50 States.

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