Indiana Senator Mike Braun Reveals His Anti-Second Amendment Compromise


Suprise Suprise, Indiana, your senator is showing his anti-gun stance. Like many Democrats, Mike Braun is ready to infringe on Indiana’s second amendment rights.

The Hill reports that Indiana Senator Mike Braun is ready to compromise on the Second Amendment. [RELATED: Trump To Obama: ‘I’m President of the US, Not the World’]

He believes that if the GOP doesn’t pass gun control, anti-gun Democrats will take all gun rights in the future.

“I look at it this way, if we’re not willing to do the commonsense stuff probably legislation will occur that we’ll regret that will actually I think will infringe upon Second Amendment rights down the road,” Braun commented.

“I think for those of us that want to always make sure that law-abiding citizens can own and bear and use a weapon, that we’ve got to talk about it and start doing some things or else I think we’ll get overwhelmed to where we’ll lose down the road that Second Amendment right,” added Braun.

Last month, Braun revealed his support for bipartisan legislation, which he said must include “stronger background checks; red flag laws known as extreme risk protection orders that address mental illness; commonsense solutions.” [RELATED: Report: Trump Set to Take Action on Big Tech Censorship]

Braun is just one of the growing number of Republicans who is ceding ground on the issue of gun control. From universal background checks to red flag laws, supposedly pro-gun Republicans are beginning to embrace the policies the Left initiated.

For gun owners’ sake, let’s hope Republicans like Braun don’t compromise on Second Amendment rights just like they have on practically every other political issue that matters in America.

So, how many more senators and congressmen will shift to the “left” to pander to the Democrats? Our Constitutional rights are being attacked and Washington seems to be on board. Shocking! [RELATED: Adam Schiff ‘DEMANDS’ Michael Flynn To Appear Before House Intel Committee Sept 25]

I don’t think our forefathers had this in mind when they wrote and signed the Bill of Rights.

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