Insane Leftist Is Taking Thanksgiving Orders to Eat Babies


There is a video going viral on Twitter of an insane leftist taking orders for eating babies for Thanksgiving. If this doesn’t make you think that the leftists have lost their minds, I don’t know what will.

During an interview with a Democrat, a reporter for The Washington Post asked the Dem”what awareness are you creating here today?” “Well, as we all know, carbon dioxide is the greatest threat to our future today,” the Democrat said. [RELATED: Trump Suggests Treason Arrest for Adam Schiff over Acting Performance]


“We need to get serious about the numbers,” the Democrat continued.

“Who are the biggest emitters of carbon dioxide, I think you already know,” the Democrat said. The Washington Post reporter asked, “is it the children?” The Democrat confirmed that that is what he thought. The Post reporter then asked, “so you think we should eat the children?”

The Democrat being interviewed then said “absolutely. We are taking orders now in time for Thanksgiving…” Why are the Democrat leaders so silent on this insanity?

Additionally, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., the Bronx bartender was recently faced with an incident that should have all her followers asking questions about her policies. [RELATED: Newly Discovered Documents Destroy The Media’s Narrative On Ukrainian Interference In 2016 Election]

In what may be one of the greatest trolling jobs ever or a perfect encapsulation of the mania that defines Democrats today, a woman stood up at an Ocasio-Cortez town hall to frantically warn about the perils of climate change.

Insisting that we only have “a few months left,” the seemingly troubled woman told the congresswoman that we must “start eating babies!”

As bizarre as her rant was, the reaction from Ocasio-Cortez was just as priceless. She was literally speechless. However, she failed to rebuke the idea of eating babies…

Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested it may just be someone who “believes the rhetoric of the left,” pointing out the one thing that the lawmaker didn’t do in sharing the clip.

“We’re not going to be here for much longer, because of the climate crisis,” the young woman pleaded. “We only have a few months left.”

“I love that you support the Green Deal but… getting rid of fossil fuel it’s not going to solve the problem fast enough,” she continued. “A Swedish professor said we can eat dead people, but that’s not fast enough.” [RELATED: The Real Election Interference that the Media Wants You to Forget]

Taking her jacket off, she continued: “So I think your next campaign slogan has to be this: ‘We got to start eating babies!”

The woman motioned to her shirt, which had the phrase emblazoned on it.

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