Irate Man Who HAD ENOUGH Ends Traffic Blocking Climate Protest By Himself

Earlier today a Man who was heading to work had enough of a climate change protest that was blocking the road and took matters into his own hands.

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According to The Federalist Papers, a group of what appear to be college aged climate protesters got the shock of their lives when one man had enough of their nonsense.

As the girls stood in the middle of the street with a sign that read “Walk The Talk” a man walked toward them set to end the protest.

He grabbed the sign and got rid of it over a fence and then came back towards the protesters yelling at them.

“People have got to get to work. Get the f**k out of the road!” the unnamed man shouted at the girls who seemed shell shocked.

But he was not done. He came back at the girls who were taking video of the man and grabbed one of their phones and flung it.

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Several commented on the incident:

Joy Villa said, ” I GOTTA GO TO WORK! Damn a real man.”

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