Is Hillary Clinton Planning a 2020 Run If Biden Fails?


In the early morning hours after Election Day 2016, Hillary Clinton conceded gracefully, asking America to “give Trump a chance.” That didn’t last long.

Months afterward, she came out swinging against the president. Last week, she called him an “illegitimate president.” On Monday, she claimed he violated his oath of office by pulling U.S. troops back in Syria.

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Clinton may just be trying to increase her visibility to sell her latest book, but she may also be positioning herself to enter the 2020 Democratic presidential race if former Vice President Joe Biden falters — or should I say, continues to falter.

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Before you scoff, think about the current state of the race: Biden, an aging “moderate” with increasingly radical positions, is dropping as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), a Bernie Sanders-style big government radical who riles up the liberal base, rises in the polls and in the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

President Trump trolled Hillary Clinton earlier this week begging her to run.

Wall Street donors who back Democrats have warned the Democratic Party that they won’t write checks if Warren is the nominee — in fact, they’ll consider backing Trump.

Meanwhile, Biden’s many gaffes — coupled with his bleeding eye — have raised questions as to whether he’s up for the challenge of going mano-a-mano against Trump. Sanders’ recent heart attack is reminding Democrats that their three highest-polling candidates — Biden, Warren, and Sanders — are getting up in years.

At the same time, Democrats are trying to impeach Trump over a phone call between the president and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Trump asked Zelensky to look into Biden’s son Hunter, who got a cushy $50,000-a-month job on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma, despite his lack of experience in the energy sector. Biden, then vice president, was Obama’s point person on Ukraine, and he pressured Ukraine to fire a prosecutor in charge of an investigation into corruption at Burisma.

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The whole effort may have the effect of kneecapping Biden by revealing his son’s corruption.

Furthermore, Democrat pollster Paul Maslin called Biden’s polling lead “deceptive,” and Warren has pulled even with the former VP in the polls.

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In light of all this, Democrats who identify themselves as moderate may be looking for another option besides Joe Biden, and there may be an opening for Clinton to jump into the race. [READ MORE…]

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