Jim Carrey Claims ‘Traitor’ Trump is ‘the first American president to defect’ from U.S. in Unhinged Twitter Rant


Staunch Trump critic and actor Jim Carrey claimed that President Donald Trump might just hold the title for being “the first American president to defect” from the United States.

On Monday, the actor tweeted, “Be wary of diplomatic missions to Moscow prior to the Nov elections.” He continued, “Given the list of possible indictments he faces, Traitor Trump may be the first American President to defect.” He also included a photo of what appears to be Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, holding the US Air Force One aircraft.

Despite Carrey saying that he was done bashing the president with his artworks, it seemed that the actor was unable to hold out any promises. In January, Carrey said that he decided not to “bring” his silly cartoons in 2020 as it only gives “low vibrations” to his body. “You know, I sounded my yelp, I warned people, and that’s enough. They know how I feel,” the actor said.

Instead, Carrey claimed that he would take his anti-Trump sentiments in the upcoming 2020 general elections, noting that he would not spend additional time-wasting on a “narcissist” like the president.

However, Carrey’s promise was short-lived when in March, he went back to his love for creating Trump-bashing cartoons. In a social media post, Carrey claimed that the president was willing to risk countless lives for economic gain, and comparing the president to the vicious mayor in Jaws.

Moreover, the actor also depicted artwork of the grim reaper giving the president a middle finger. Carey explained that even the “angel of death” would have been jealous of Trump’s death count over the thousands of Americans who have lost their lives due to the Chinese virus.

Other Hollywood stars also went on to air their disdain against the president. In another Twitter post, actor John Cusack claimed that the US military had already abandoned Trump and that all he’s got left were his racist supporters. Cusack wrote to his 1.6 million strong followers that the situation had worsened to the point where Trump is already planning his “exit strategy.”

Just like his fellow actor, Jim Carrey, this is not the first time that Cusack aired his grave disdain against the administration. In a previous Twitter post, the actor also praised George Floyd protesters who have looted, vandalized, and burned buildings, as well as killing innocent civilians in the process of continuing to fight against the current administration.

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