Joe Rogan: I’d Rather Vote For President Trump Than Biden


Podcast host Joe Rogan has doubled down on his criticisms of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden. On Friday, he stated he would rather cast his ballot for President Trump than Biden if the former vice president did win the nomination.

“I’d rather vote for Trump than him, I don’t think he can handle anything,” said Rogan. “We’re relying entirely on his cabinet.”

He believes Biden is unable to communicate effectively and stressed the presidency could only worsen his cognitive health. He then took aim at the Democrat Party, saying it has made “morons” out of voters by appearing to favor Biden.

“This is the real issue with the Democratic Party: they’ve essentially made us all morons with this Joe Biden thing,” stated Rogan. “I’m not going to vote for that guy.”

This came after Rogan, who endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.), raised concerns over Biden’s multiple gaffes on the campaign trail. These instances have only fueled allegations that the former vice president may be suffering from dementia.

Rogan has been known to say things that makes the left angry. However, Joe Rogan speaks his mind. He did an interview wih Twitter owner, Jack Dorsey last year.

The topic was how bias Twitter is. Rogan and his other guest Tim Pool really let Dorsey have it. You can watch the highlights here

That said, Joe Rogan, who supported Sen. Bernie Sanders in the primary election:

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