John Cusack Falsely Claims All Trump’s ‘Got Left’ Are His ‘Racists’ Supporters


Staunch admin critic and Hollywood star, John Cusack, said President Donald Trump was abandoned by the military due to his fascist and tyrant regime and that the President was only left with his “racist” supporters.

In a Twitter rant, Cusack wrote to his 1.6 million strong followers that the situation had become so dire, the President is already “playing an exit strategy” that would eventually “keep him from jail.” The Hollywood actor continued that the “military has abandoned his fascism” and that “all he’s got left [are] racists.” He added that “He wants something to leverage-to stay out of jail.”

In a previous Twitter post, the actor also posted a photo of a sign in front of Trump Towers, which read “F*ck Trump.”

Using the social media platform, Cusack also voiced out his support for the ongoing nationwide protests, which have resulted in the death of innocent civilians, looting and burning of local businesses, shooting, and vandalism. In another social media post, the actor urged protesters to continue the fight until Trump is gone. In fact, the actor expressed his desire to see the United States president, “Trump flys [sic] away in a fucking helicopter.”

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Cusack himself had been involved with the protests in Chicago. During the height of the nationwide demonstrations, the actor uploaded blurry footage of him filming a burning car, and police officers hitting his bike with batons. Unfortunately, the video was so shaky; only the audio clip was coherent.

The actor was not alone in claiming that the military had already abandoned Trump. Earlier this month, former Secretary of Defense James Mattis also published an op-ed in The Atlantic in which he attacked Trump for using the military to de-escalate the riots in Washington DC. In a scathing article, Mattis warned the public to “reject and hold accountable those in office who would make a mockery of our Constitution.”

He also went on to describe the administration as a “Nazi slogan,” which continued to destroy the nation. Even failed Presidential candidate Kamala Harris also accused the President of throwing a party to welcome white supremacists. Harris responded to Trump’s announcement that he would resume his iconic MAGA rallies on June 19, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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